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Turandot Programme

As AFAM institutions, Istituto Marangoni Milano and Firenze have joined the international cooperation programme by welcoming aspiring Chinese students who have adequate skills to access first-level three-year Academic Courses.

The Marco Polo/Turandot Programme was created on the initiative of CRUI (the Conference of Italian University Rectors) as an international agreement between the Italian and Chinese governments, with the aim of strengthening scientific cooperation between Italy and Asia by increasing the number of Chinese students in Italian universities (Marco Polo) and AFAM institutions (Turandot).

The program is designed to allow Chinese students to acquire a good level of knowledge of the Italian language and culture so that they can study successfully at an Italian higher education institution.


Chinese Turandot students who wish to apply for three-year courses held at Istituto Marangoni Milano and Firenze, must pre-enroll at the Italian representative offices in their country and at the same time enroll in an Italian language course (10 or 11 months), indicating the school they want to go to, as described in the relevant ministerial provisions.

Please note that to be admitted into the Turandot programme, students must have passed their Gao Kao exam with a score of no less than 400/750. In particular, for students with a degree in artistic areas who intend to enroll in AFAM institutions, the score will be calculated by weighting their Gao Kao score (at least 300/750) and their art exam (Yi Kao). There is no minimum score for graduates.

Pre-enrolling through the Turandot Program facilitates the issue of a student visa for travelling to Italy.

Please see the useful links section for more information on the visa application procedures and documents required by each representative office.

Once they pass the final exam of their Italian language course, Chinese students are exempted from the Italian language test and can complete their enrollment in Italy without having to return to China.


Italian language courses last 10 or 11 months and take place at various locations across Italy.

To participate in the Turandot programme, Istituto Marangoni has entered into a special agreement with Linguaviva, a language school based in Florence and Milan.


For more information on the programme, please refer to the following websites:

MIUR - Studiare in Italia/Studenti stranieri
Embassy of Italy in Beijing
Consulate General of Italy in Chongqing
Consulate General of Italy in Canton
Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai