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The Course

Responsible Fashion

Reimagining the future of the fashion industry in philosophical, theoretical, experimental and practical ways
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New kinds of fashion practitioners are needed, who are able to think critically, creatively and collaboratively, with a holistic understanding, vision and skills that will enable the fashion industry to transition to a responsible and regenerative future.


This innovative, cross-disciplinary Masters programme provides an essential space for students with fashion design, textiles, business or other relevant backgrounds to gain the important knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving capacities required to innovate new responsible fashion systems that radically reimagine luxury for the Anthropocene and help to lead positive change.

02 Oct 2023 - 13 Dec 2024
English  - Fee
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Regent’s University London

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Through a series of collaborative and individual projects, students will develop and apply a strong theoretical understanding that includes ecological design principles, systems thinking, alternative economics, regenerative systems, future sourcing, indigenous knowledge systems, the local, the politics of luxury, and values-led communication to the development of new fashion systems and products that reflect their disciplines and goals.

Within a framework of lectures, seminars, workshops, practical sessions and field trips, they will develop dynamic, cross-disciplinary collaborations to research, explore and conceptualize and create responsible fashion systems and processes that are not just less harmful but aim to be pro-actively positive to people and planet. 

Assessed work from collaborative projects will largely be ‘portfolio’-based, comprising a range of potential outcomes – such as annotated research book/s, samples, experiments, maquettes, designs, design models, speculative pieces, artefacts or new system plans, proposals, essays, reports, campaign plans and reflective writing, allowing for fluid but rigorous interdisciplinary outcomes that represent the specific and varied contributions of individuals to a variety of team projects.

  • Critical debates and ethical positions for fashion and luxury
  • Alternative economics, ecology and systems thinking for fashion
  • Human-earth relationships, regenerative and indigenous knowledge systems
  • Futuring and creative problem-solving
  • The dynamic synergies between theory and practice
  • New business models and new design practices for a responsible future.
  • Setting up or transforming their own business
  • Transforming their own design practice
  • Responsible fashion/design/business consultancy
  • Responsible product development
  • Work with charities, NGOs or social enterprises.
  • Researcher

This programme will equip students with the ability to engage with and respond to the seismic changes happening in the fashion industry and in the luxury sector specifically. The industry needs people that can help it find solutions rather than perpetuate its problems; it is therefore anticipated that this programme will produce highly employable, forward-looking graduates that will offer new insights that lead change rather than following existing industry practice.

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