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Vibrant traditions designing new horizons


Mumbai pulses with life. It is the subcontinent’s largest, richest and most populous city: this is why Istituto Marangoni Mumbai has such a fascinating and rich blend of local cultures to draw upon. Alongside the sleek, modern side of hi-tech India exists an abundance of craftsmanship traditions that form the basis of the school’s unique approach to luxury. Embroidery and printing, both traditional ways of creating intricate designs for exclusive products, are one area of emphasis. Another is propelling innovation, be that by embracing the contemporary or by tapping into the vibrancy of the traditions that are so deeply tied to the school’s location. But while participants can expect to have an experience shaped by this particular location, the school’s methodology boasts an international flair and is fed by multicultural stimuli, harnessing the best of what the world has to offer.

Unique values

  • The crossroads of Fashion and Design between East and West
  • Traditional textiles and craftsmanship techniques
  • A vibrant culture of contradictions with an incredible and diverse aesthetic
  • Rich heritage with unparalleled historical ties to luxury
  • The financial capital of India with a throbbing fashion scene
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Where to find the school


Enrolment information for new students
t: +91 2262613175

Ceejay House, F Block, Shivsagar Estate Dr. Annie Besant Road

Worli, Mumbai 400 018

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