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The Course

Fine Jewellery Design / Jewellery Design

Designing unique jewellery pieces for international and Italian design brands
Master's Degrees • Master's Courses
These full time postgraduate level courses are specialised programmes that support participants’ careers the design industries. They are designed for those who have already acquired specific skills in the appropriate area at undergraduate level, or for industry professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of a specific subject area in design.


Characterized by Italy’s famed emphasis on research and innovation and artistic heritage, this course provides participants with a unique professional ability to interpret new trends and translate them into aesthetic languages to be implanted into innovative jewellery pieces, both for the fine jewellery and modern jewellery sectors. Participants will learn traditional methods and tools and will combine their use with that of advanced tools including digital modelling and 3D printing.

25 Sep 2023 - 20 Dec 2024
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Participants who successfully complete this Master programme in Milano will be awarded with a First Level Academic Master Diploma. Recognised by MUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research) as an academic diploma equivalent to a university postgraduate level Master degree, participants will obtain 60 CFA (crediti formativi accademici) equivalent to 60 ECTS credits.

Programme Specification

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Learning focus
Possible career paths

Planning and designing a jewellery collection requires creative abilities alongside advanced research skills combining the history of jewellery throughout the centuries, a thorough understanding of gemmology and an appreciation of the techniques of the goldsmith with contemporary aesthetic developments in art, design and fashion. Guided by top-level art directors in the industry, and supported by a teaching body of professionals and experts in the field, Participants will make projects for leading Italian brands in order to create jewellery in line with current trends in the market. They learn about natural and artificial gemstones, the nature of metals and manufacturing processes, selecting appropriate workable materials for innovative final design solutions and will be given the opportunity to have a first-hand experience in a goldsmith workshop to strengthen their technical knowledge. Collaborating with companies on industry projects, participants will engage in modern and fine jewellery projects, increasing their professional skills and creative potential. They learn how to take their ideas from concept through to final presentation, looking at influences in Italian craftsmanship, design and style admired and celebrated globally in the sector. Throughout the project they receive professional feedback and guidance from the company. They will learn how to take their ideas from concept through to final presentation, looking at influences in Italian craftsmanship, design and style admired and celebrated globally in the sector. They will use traditional methods and tools integrated with the most recent ones, including digital modelling, 3D-printing, and prototyping. They will learn how to communicate their ideas visually and present their project in a professional setting.

  • Technical drawing & rendering
  • Hand illustration and sketching
  • Jewellery construction techniques and materials
  • The history and culture of jewellery design
  • Design methodology & development
  • Fine Jewellery designer
  • Modern jewellery designer
  • Product developer for the jewelry industry
  • Product manager for the jewelry industry
  • Jewellery trends researcher


The programme structure ensures that students have the opportunity to develop as responsible, global citizens through contemporary jewellery design practice, evidenced through a well-constructed, industry relevant curriculum.

The MA programme is delivered through a highly qualified academic and studio practitioner team in addition to invited Industry mentors. Students also have the opportunity to participate in global collaborative projects within their specialised fields of study.

02 Oct 2023 - 13 Dec 2024
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Learning Focus
Career opportunities

The MA Jewellery Design programme combines theoretical approaches with practical investigations through a dialogue between theory and practice. The programme provides students with a highly informed and broad academic learning environment, challenging design ethics, research and practice on a global level. 

Throughout the 15 month programme, students will engage in experimental and practical design strategies, considering new and emerging design thinking scenarios within contemporary jewellery design practice. Students are also encouraged to assess the role of contemporary jewellery design practice and the role of the jewellery designer as a whole within an ever-changing, complex design environment.

 Each unit is delivered through a series of lectures, tutorials, seminars and field trips.

In addition, to support the students overall learning experience,specialist support is provided by design technicians in the Design Lab, Digital Lab, Material Lab and Photography studio.

  • To develop a critical awareness of key theories and practices within contemporary jewellery design, considering ethical approaches towards new and emerging design scenarios.
  • The articulation of complex and innovative ideas, considering environmental, social, economic and political impacts.
  • Working collaboratively within peer groups to formulate, design and test new, theories, processes and practice.
  • Professional development within the field of contemporary jewellery design practice, through understanding the complexities within the role of jewellery design in the 21st
  • Problem analysis and critical problem-solving scenarios within a client project brief.
  • Research, analysis, reflection and testing design scenarios through a theory or practice-based dissertation.
  • Become a professional jewellery designer
  • Establish their own design practice
  • Collaborate with other design practitioners
  • Provide professional CAD detailing, 3D rendering and 3D prototyping skills
  • Develop jewellery design proposals for global charities, social enterprises and NGO’s
  • Undertake critical research within jewellery design thinking systems and practice
  • Progress further onto PhD or MPhil academic programmes
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