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The Course

Fashion & Luxury Brand Management Miami

Become the guardian of luxury brands.
Master of Arts

The Master of Arts (MA) program in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management aims to provide in-depth knowledge of management and branding, specifically for the fashion and luxury goods industries. This program is for participants that have previous undergraduate level study or proven work experience, completing the course with advanced branding and management skills for various positions within the fashion, luxury and creative industries. Over the two years students instead of participants are taught how to motivate, create desire, and build consumer loyalty through various channels in merchandising, marketing and communication in order to meet the expectations of a luxury brand’s vision and strategy.


The task of the brand manager is not only to attract and retain consumers, but also to improve the practical and organisational management of a brand within the fashion organisation - this program addresses both areas; luxury branding together with business management and organisation skills. Participants learn how to adapt communication, marketing and promotional techniques to reach goals and sales targets, and fully apply the key strategies of luxury businesses. As well as concentrating on the intangible elements: customer relationships, the impact of social media and the consumer ‘experience’, the course makes a critical analysis of the more tangible elements of branding; product attributes (quality, features, and design), and the difference between brand image and brand identity, packaging and labelling.


A successful brand manager works on all of these aspects. They become experts in making key branding decisions including brand extension and brand repositioning, and learn how to detect any weaker products in a collection. Analysis of the target audience and marketing mix provides a solid grounding for brand strategy development together with research on how companies in the fashion and luxury market develop their own interpretation of brand positioning and devise innovative strategies.
The impact of social media has changed the face of communication and this program looks at finding the right balance between corporate brand image, enabling participants to network through new media and viral platforms - key to the success of luxury brands today. Along with the study of past styles and the analysis of current trends and forecasts related to “future-fashion”, participants are able to question how aesthetic expressions and interpretations of social and cultural trends influence positioning and brand image. This stimulating program prepares participants with specialised knowledge in Brand Management to support a future career in the fashion, luxury and creative industries. At MA level, intensive coursework and home study may be assigned.

  • Luxury brand analysis and marketing strategies
  • Strategic branding and innovation management
  • Media planning and digital communication
  • Product creativity and production
  • Contemporary issues in fashion
  • Performance management, growth and market entry
  • Commercialisation and retail in luxury
  • Research methodologies at postgraduate level
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